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Thank you for reaching out to us. We are very sorry for the issues you had to deal with and strive to make every experience a positive one with all of our customers. We do admit that we were having some difficulties with our customer service prior to November and have been working hard to do better. If this issue is still outstanding we strongly encourage you to reopen dialogue with us as we would like to make sure every customer is treated fairly.

Bought a barefoot spa from Spa Blowout. Gave total of 3900.00 deposit and financed balance with their proposed finance company.

Spa Blowout has so far kept the deposit, never built or delivered the tub, and never taken the balance from the finance company. I called them several times, each time with assurance they would resolve the issue. Purchase window closed, so no tub, no sale and now chasing the 3900 they stole. Credit Card company, Capital One, is amazing at standing behind their customers.

BUYER BEWARE! Customer Service representative only responds to Facebook Messenger and states her name is Whitney Lazenby. She seems, at least in my humble opinion, to take great joy in watching consumers getting duped by this company. It all seemed quite comical to her.

I research Barefoot Spas before buying, but I failed to research Spa Blowout.

So as it stands now, I'm in the waiting process that my State's Attorney General says I have to wait for a return of money before they can pursue a fraudulent conversion case. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spa Blowout Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sorry but the spas and walk-in tubs are ridiculously overpriced. It's pathetic the cost of these tubs and spas


STAY AWAY FROM BAREFOOT SPA AND SPA BLOWOUT! They are JUNK SPAS sold by a traveling gypsy show!

No service, no customer service, they WILL NOT cover any parts or labor when their JUNK breaks down. And it breaks down a lot!

Same man owns Barefoot Spa of Richmond VA as Spa Blowout of Utah! ITS ALL A BIG SCAM!!!


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